We are crazy. We have scaly skin and we hunger for adventure. We catch fish you have never seen. We are tough fishermen and that is the way we live. Our wish for you, is that you feel what we feel, when a fish is hooked and wriggles around on the line and the rod bends under the strain, in the most solitary places of the world.
Our business was started from a huge passion for fishing and travelling, and we are here to share this passion with you. We are the ones to organize your next fishing adventure, one you will never forget.
Basic destination of the travels we organise is Scandinavia. We began visiting it every year as soon the borders of Europe had become open, lured by the abundance and heavy sizes of fish. This hobby has gradually grown into the business. We have been in the business for many years and today we can proudly boast that we are true professionals of fishing trips, who know most of the Nordic countries and bottoms of many lakes and fiords, well.
Scandinavia is not the only destination; we also organize trips to exotic lands, such as the solitary Kamchatka.
We organize fishing trips in Lithuanian waters as well as fishing and navigation related events to order.
We work hard to offer you new fishing trip destinations in the southern countries, so please follow our news!
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