Finding a good guide is as difficult as finding a good wife. Perhaps it is the common rule elsewhere because our guides are all good. The fishing trips are led by select fishing experts, who can brave the elements. Each one of them has his own charm and character. The most important things are that all of them are professionals of the field, who know local waters, necessary equipment, tools, lures and fishing techniques well. Here’s our guarantee: the guide will definitely be the better fisherman than you. Well, if you happen to be a real ace, at least you will have lots of things in common to discuss. It’s mutually beneficial in any sense. Attention, please; let us become acquainted!
Saulius Vigraitis

He has been fishing since early days and growing-up with fishing hooks in his socks. He boasts he caught his first pike with spinning at the age of five. He spent most of his life fishing with bob but can also be called jigging guru. He is a master of various fishing techniques, who often challenges champions and even beats them. There is physical evidence of the facts: the results have been documented in the TV shows for decades.
Rumour has it, he has got tentacles instead of hands and turns into a water beast at night, and that is why he knows the underwater world so well; he is so good in luring fish from the depth because he purportedly speaks fish language. Who knows? You will be able to ask him yourselves going on his scarce but charming fishing trips all around the world. If you are lucky, you may even appear on TV.

Saulius Karaliūnas

He is the person with tough character, the sea wolf and the master of fiords. If you go to Norway to enjoy sea fishing, you will surely wish to be in the same boat with him. His wisdom will serve you mastering the techniques of deep fishing and the best lures. Oh, he really knows the field because he determines the product range for sea fishing of a fishermen’s shop. He has led the International Halibut Fishing Championship organized annually in the Andoy Fiske Camp base for many years. Moreover, if your desire is to deplete pikeperch and perch from Kaunas Sea, he is the best to show you how. His colleagues have not yet understood what he is different for and how he catches so much fish. Well, he keeps his own secrets safe, unless you are his client!



Sergej Sliusarenko

He is always in a good mood and ready for any challenge as our advance force. This guide will never disappoint you!

It seems like fish jumps straight into his boat and you would really like to be in that boat with him as well. He is difficult to be described as a fisherman because we don’t even know what to begin with: he has mastered spinning, feeders and W/P, saltwater rod and even fly fishing rod. He is the person gifted with a rare talent and able to carefully transfer his skills to the ones nearby. To you, guys.



Modestas Atmanavičius

Modestas can be considered an individual subspecies in the history of evolution, having best chances to survive downfall of any civilization: being the ace of almost all fishing techniques, he has got the undisputed advantage to subsist having just a stick in his hand. Luckily, he has been using his skills for sports so far and has got a multitude of medals and other prizes. Some of his titles worth mentioning are as follow:
-   World vice champion of ice-fishing;
-   Lithuanian champion of ice-fishing;
-   Lithuanian champion of feeder fishing, etc.
There is no fishy water body left without his attention in Lithuania. He always knows WHERE and WHAT to catch. The only place, where you will never catch a fish with him, is Kaunas street holes after a heavy rain.
He is one of the originators and best specialists of guiding fishing trips in Lithuanian water bodies!

Valdas Tichomolovas


He is the specialist of feeder and W/P, the member of Lithuanian combined team and the winner of many titles. He is the “Chuck Norris” of Lithuanian fishing. People say a peaceful fish is called peaceful because it has surrendered to Valdas, in particular. Moreover, he is excellent in almost all fishing techniques. If there was a global fishing quiz, he would be the best to represent our country. If you are a fisherman, you must know who Valdas is. You can also meet him at a fishermen’s store because he is an incomparable expert of fishing tools.





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