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It is the land of water; about 10 % of the territory is covered by water and the waters are full of fish!
Over 40 fish species live in the region and about a dozen of these are of interest to fishermen. The most popular species in the region are pike, pikeperch and perch. The Finns call the region the land of perch for a reason. Lithuanian fishermen have affection for the fish as well. Especially, having in mind huge quantities and sizes of perch!


Accommodation is in comfortable cabins for 2-8 people. This is the official numbers of the base; however, we recommend forming tactical squads of 4-6 people and living in 6-person and 8-person cabins. Believe us: this will be more sociable and the price will not bite too hard. The cabins are simple but the place is romantic. The larger cabins are located along the shore so you will be able to enjoy beautiful sunset eating fish soup or grilled meals. The Fins are the Fins: a sauna is in each cabin and the shore is just a step or two away.
Best time to go
Open season begins in May and lasts to November. We offer the fishiest periods and gather groups from early summer to mid autumn. If you wish to travel in winter, we recommend choosing other destinations.
Transportation to the accommodation point
The first step is by car and a night ferry from one of the Baltic capital cities. The groups of up to 8 people are transported by our comfortable and spacious nine seat minibuses. Going by own car is also one of the options.
Local transport
The base has its own local boats but they are plastic, not very comfortable and with merely 4-5 HP motors. This will strictly limit your freedom of move because the water area is large and sometimes, as ill luck would have it, the best catch is minimum 10 km from the base. You would like to go there fast. If you travel with your family, perhaps you would like to return to dine at the base. Therefore, we strongly suggest to either taking your own boat (believe us: the well-equipped rubber boat will be far superior to the local ones) or renting it from us. We offer various options of BUSH and Alumacraft for 2-3 people per boat.
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