South of Sweden

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This destination is an exclusive one; we offer it to lovers of steady fishing. The trip offers special conditions of accommodation and fishing. What kind of? Knowing “a good place” is not enough here; you will have to sweat over the choice of lure and lure retrieving methods. Your guide will help you in this, naturally, but you will have to have some skills yourself. You will not get tired reeling a fish out of water every five minutes. You will get tired reeling in those aiming to be your biggest or, at least, among the Top 10 biggest. This is because the lakes of this region are well-groomed and protected by strict rules, which allows maintaining steady population of fish and letting them grow to impressive sizes. A big fish is a smart fish, so the question here is who is going to catch who. Are you ready for the challenge?

As we have mentioned before, accommodation is really special here. A groups of 5 people are assigned to live in a spacious and well-furnished chalet, which will charm you, especially if you are familiar with the Swedish standard. This one can boldly be called our premium class fishing trip. The house is on the lake shore, the boat mooring is right at the door, the dock is equipped with power supply for your echo locators and motor guides, and does not require extra manual work carrying things there and back. A warm pool offers relaxation after fishing.
The catch

The catch is standard: pikeperch, pike and perch. However, the waters are known for a bit scarcer bite and bigger fish. The option is recommended for advanced and enthusiast fishermen ready for challenges. Do not bother: there is no risk of returning empty-handed. Chances are good to open a bottle of champagne and take legendary photos.

Best time to go
There are no strict rules but we organise trips only during the open season. Add two months before and after summer and you will get the range. Do not hand around with the order: pikeperch will not wait for you. Let’s draw them out of water!
Transportation to the accommodation point
You should go by car and by the night ferry. It takes 3-3.5 hours to reach the fishing point from the port. The access is convenient. If you are persons in a hurry, there is an option to travel by plane. This way you can spare a couple of days and dedicate them for fishing. Time is money these days.
Local transport
Aluminium fishing boats with all necessary equipment are offered for rent at the place for your convenience. If you have a boat of your own and a willingness to take it there, by all means, do. We can offer many different options, so all you have to do is to decide how many friends you are taking with you. Go ahead!
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