Sweden in winter

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Each of us has walked uncountable kilometres looking for a perfect ice-hole. Let us confess: success is not always on our side. That is why we think of faraway lands with plenty of fish in wintery lakes more and more often. When did you last regret of using a too small drill for the fish you caught? Our drills are high-quality (we usually use powered ones) and of sufficient diameter, but you will surely need a strong line to draw a fat Arctic char from under the ice. That is going to be a big thing to do, and a pleasant one.
Accommodation is in a house for up to 8 fishermen. The fishing points are nearby and we have arranged all the details to enable you to save all of your strength for fishing. Are you ready for new challenges?

Best time to go
We gather groups as soon as the first ice appears; the lands are further to the North, so the lakes are often covered with ice earlier than in Lithuania. Each year is different, naturally, so we try the first ice ourselves and bring the groups of fishermen as soon as it is of a safe thickness.
Transportation to the accommodation point
The first step is the night ferry from one of the Baltic capital cities. The second, is by car. It is a long way to go but if you choose our transport, it will not seem too long. Our comfortable nine seater minibuses are equipped with multimedia.
Local transport
We offer snow bikes to reach the fishing point. 
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