Norwegian Lakes

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Norway is usually associated with sea fishing. However, it is also rich with lake fish. We know some especially romantic secret places to catch impressive trout and Arctic char in the lakes surrounded by mountains. Are you intrigued? The offer is really worth your attention. The trip destination will not disappoint romantic travellers because the landscapes are truly heart-stopping around the accommodation point. Mushroom pickers and trekkers are sure to discover what to do there. The offer is recommended for families. Accommodation is especially comfortable. We gather the groups of 5-8 people.

Best time to go
We organize fishing trips to Norwegian lakes from late October to late May. The fish like cool weather and the climate is quite mild even in winter.
Transportation to the accommodation point
By plane.
Local transport
We go fishing by plastic boats with electric or petrol motors. The ones aiming for more comfort are offered Alumacraft aluminium cutters with all facilities dedicated for fishermen.
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