Norwegian Sea

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Norway is called one of the most beautiful countries in the world for many reasons. Impressive landscapes are a nice bonus; however, we go there to quench a different kind of passion, that is, to catch cod, halibut and red-fish of impressive sizes. Seawolf, dreamer and pollock are also available just like huge crabs in autumn. You can catch a fish of really impressive size. If your desire is to catch a fish of your life, we are soul brothers.
It is our guys, who led the group, a member of which caught the record-size halibut (over 195 kg), the biggest in Lithuania and, doubtless, one of the Top 5 in the world! The taxidermy of the beast can be viewed at Tadas Ivanauskas Museum of Zoology. Are you ready for a unique fishing holiday? We promise: you will return tired but it is hard to imagine tiredness more pleasant than this.
If you do not have equipment and outfit of your own, we will take care of it, either for rental or for you to purchase.
The base is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. It offers convenient accommodation as well as relaxation in a bath or a hot outdoor bathtub.

There are comfortable fish cleaning premises and fridges for the ones determined to bring some catch home.

Best time to go
The best time to choose this destination is from April to October inclusive.
Transportation to the accommodation point
We go there by car and by ferry. Time-savers can fly.
Local transport
Fishing points are reached by cutters equipped with all things necessary and offering safety in open sea and in fiords. Transportation by road (about 4 kilometres) is included in the trip costs.
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