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Everybody knows Kamchatka is far away. But where, actually? Many will check the map, we think. However, we can go there together! Fishing in Kamchatka is the journey of a lifetime. It requires thorough preparations and much determination, and the place is a true school of masculinity. None of our fellow travellers will mislead you: the impressions are so rich and vivid that one cannot think or talk of anything else; you keep dreaming of fishing king salmon and your knees double up with every single memory of the fishing trip. Wow... It is really hard to describe in words. The trip is full of exotic; the meetings with the multitude of salmonid beauties and bears are breathtaking. You will be accompanied by experienced Lithuanian guides and local rangers to protect you throughout the trip. The intermediate accommodation is in the hotels on the way, and the final place of stay is the tents in the temporary base. We will take care of everything, including food and cooking at the base. All you have to do is fishing and having a good time.
Best time to go
Doubtless, it is the period of salmon spawning; as we aim for the king salmon, we should go there in late June or July.
Transportation to the accommodation point
merely stepped in or even not stepped by a man. The voyage starts by plane, continues by bus, the route might require an off-road trip by tankettes but there is no other way to reach the final destination than by helicopter. We bet you haven’t experience a more exotic trip!
Local transport
Rubber boat will be used for fishing. They will help to reach a fishing point and, even if you fish from the bank, you will sometimes have to follow a nice salmon down the river.
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