North of Sweden

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The northern part of Sweden is a land of highlands and rivers. Lots of rivers means lots of grayling, whitefish, trout (both river and rainbow) and the crowned queen of the region is, undoubtedly, redbreast tilapia, often called the Arctic char by Lithuanians. The northern lakes, just like the southern lakes, are rich in perch and pike. The choice is really wide and local waters are full of surprises: we have caught strange kinds of unclassifiable salmonids of mixed species many times.

Fishing in the North of Sweden is fun, bites are frequent and fish sizes are impressive. You will be able to try several ways of fishing, some of which might be even unknown to you because local fish share strange tastes for lure. Your guides will give more details on that.
You will be able to fish as long as you wish: neither evening nor night will end your adventure. There is no night in the warm season in those lands and you will experience exotic white nights. They slightly misbalance your internal clock but expand possibilities to use your time for fishing to infinity.

You will live in a typical local lodge, the romantic cabin, which accommodates a group of up to 8 people. You will find all amenities and cosiness there. The homestead is equipped following Lithuanian standards. The boat mooring is within several metres from the cabin.

Best time to go
The base works all year long, so you can go any time. If you aim at pike and perch, you should go there from May to September. The peak of grayling and river trout is from June to August. Grayling and whitefish do not have their favourite time and are present all year long.
Transportation to the accommodation point
The first step is the night ferry from one of the Baltic capital cities. The second, is by car. It is a long way to go but if you choose our transport, it will not seem too long. Our comfortable nine seater minibuses are equipped with multimedia. 
Local transport
Plastic boats will be used for fishing. They are spacious enough and equipped with echo sounding devices and 10 HP motors, more than sufficient to explore the local waters. 


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